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What You Need to Know About Contempt of Court in Georgia

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Contempt of court is a serious offense that can result in hefty fines and even imprisonment. In Georgia, the laws regarding contempt of court charges are strict and enforced with vigor, but sometimes it takes legal action to ensure orders are enforced. This is particularly vital when someone violates a court order that negatively affects others.

What Is Contempt of Court?

Contempt of court charges can be brought against any individual who disobeys a court order or who exhibits disrespectful behavior towards a judge or court official. This can include actions such as refusing to testify, failing to abide by a court-ordered settlement, or disrupting court proceedings.

In Georgia, the penalties for contempt of court can vary depending on the severity of the offense. An individual may be subject to a fine and/or short-term imprisonment for minor offenses, such as disrupting court proceedings. For more serious offenses, such as violating a court order, an individual may face longer-term imprisonment and larger fines.

It is important to note that contempt of court charges can have serious consequences for an individual’s personal and professional life. A contempt of court conviction can result in a criminal record, impacting future job opportunities, housing options, and even travel.

What to Do When Someone Refuses to Comply with a Court Order

It can be frustrating and stressful if another party refuses to comply with a court order. However, there are steps you can take with the help of a lawyer to enforce the court’s order. Your lawyer can file a motion for contempt, which asks the court to hold the non-complying party in contempt and imposes sanctions or penalties until they comply. Additionally, your lawyer can file a motion to enforce the court order, which asks the court to take steps to ensure compliance. It’s important to seek legal counsel and take action to protect your interests and uphold the integrity of the court’s orders.

Some circumstances where you may need legal assistance for another’s refusal to comply with a court order include:

  • Violating a no-contact or restraining order
  • Violating a child visitation schedule
  • Not paying court-ordered child support
  • Not paying spousal support

Many contempt of court motions are issued due to violations of family law orders. Whether it is not paying support that is owed or not following court-ordered visitation rights, if you are affected by your ex-spouse or partner not complying with a court order, you may need a lawyer to help with enforcement. This can start with a contempt of court motion while negotiations are made to enforce the court order.

If your life is being disrupted by another person’s refusal to comply with a court order, pursuing a contempt of court motion may be in your best interest. To learn more about your legal options, contact our legal team at M. Qader A. Baig & Associates, LLC. Call our office in Conyers, GA, to talk to one of our legal team.

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