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Protecting Peoples’s Rights
Through Legal Counsel

With the Right Approach, the Law Will Help You

Our legal system reflects the fundamental principle that the law is the creation of the People and it is intended to protect their rights and freedoms. Too often, that is forgotten. At M. Qader A. Baig & Associates, LLC, we believe every client’s legal issue is an opportunity for them to protect their rights and freedoms and improve their lives.

Attorney M. Qader A. Baig has almost a quarter of a century in the courtroom and is an asset to any case. He is intimately familiar with the local legal systems and has worked as both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer. His background, of representing all sides in past legal battles, gives him a comprehensive perspective, familiarity, and comfort with all types of cases — civil and criminal. Our firm practices in the following practice areas, and more.

A Different Kind of Law Firm,
a Different Kind of Lawyer.

Some lawyers are only interested in billable hours; others are interested in Justice. Mr. Baig has dedicated his career to the virtues enshrined in the state seal of Georgia: “Wisdom, Justice and Moderation.” We do not obtain business with scare tactics and we do not run a legal mill. Rather, we handle every case as if it were our only one. We make our client’s concern our own and work to find the best outcome.

Get Educated, Know the Law, and Make Informed Decisions

Attorney Baig will take as much time as necessary to help you fully understand the law, the charges, the issues, and your place within the legal system. He understands your concern may need to be addressed outside traditional business hours, and he makes himself available to serve your individual needs, protect your case, and advance your interests as your case requires.

At M. Qader A. Baig & Associates, LLC, we serve our clients by providing them outstanding legal skills, a highly motivated and dedicated staff, and by continually exceeding their expectations. The foundation of our success is preparation, and through preparation, we are able to distinguish both you and your position.

We encourage you to consult with Mr. Baig in person. After you meet him, you will realize there is no comparison.

Call (770) 929-1665 or contact us online today. Our office is located in Conyers, but we serve clients throughout the east metro Atlanta area.

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