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Racial Discrimination in the Workplace: Are you a victim?

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Do you feel as though you’re treated differently in the workplace? As an employee, do you feel that you have the same chance of success as your co-workers? Are you given extra responsibilities with no extra pay, only to see others around you receive a raise? If you experience any of these, and you feel that it’s because of you race or skin color, you could be a victim of racial discrimination in the workplace. Although there are federal laws in place to protect citizens against the effects of racial discrimination, it is not always easy to identify. This type of discrimination can occur among those with different ethnicities, or even persons of the same race. The bottom line is—it still exists, despite efforts to guard against it. Consider the following scenarios:

Employment Process and Advancement

Obviously, refusing to hire someone based on race is directly discriminatory. Yet, it is rarely that easy to point out, and even more difficult to prove. Suppose you’ve been hired, and you discover that there’s a lack of diversity in your workplace. Over time, you begin to notice that you are only assigned to specific roles, seemingly based on your race. Maybe you are highly skilled, but continue to be passed over for promotion, or maybe you’ve been given a poor performance evaluation for no apparent reason.


Have you committed time and energy, working your way up from one position to the next, in hopes of advancing in your job? What if you found out that a newly hired white employee is being paid more than you? Moreover, maybe you work on commission, and you’ve been reassigned to a new region, causing a change in your ability to make money.


Perhaps you’ve been referenced by the “n” word, making your uncomfortable. When you ask your co-worker to stop, you’re accused of lacking a sense of humor. Your attempts to get your boss involved are in vain, and he seems to turn a blind eye.

Whatever the case, if any of these situations are familiar to you, it’s in your best interest to contact an experienced civil rights attorney.

M. Qader A. Baig & Associates, LLC gathers facts and evidence, reconciling them with the law. Our team works meticulously, with a positive outcome in mind. If we determine that you are a victim of racial discrimination in the workplace, we will find a way to protect your rights. Call us today.

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