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Property Taxes: To Appeal Or Not To Appeal

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When the local government distributes property tax bills, the majority of property owners assume that they cannot be challenged. On the contrary, local tax assessors generate property tax assessments, and numbers are based on the assessor’s estimation of the market value of one’s property, according to the, an online forum. Thus, for home and property owners questioning their property taxes, they might have grounds to appeal. If so, a qualified and experienced local government and tax attorney can help.

As mentioned, property tax assessments are determined on the local level, with distinct procedures tied to the appeal process. To rightfully challenge or appeal one’s taxes, it’s important to gain an understanding of the policies of a particular area. After all, in some cases, the effort involved in appealing one’s taxes might not be worth the outcome. On the other hand, if it appears that the amount of money saved on an annual basis will be substantial, it might be worth the time.

Another consideration in determining if one should appeal or not is the idea of tax breaks. For instance, if a property owner has been awarded tax breaks on their property, lowering their tax assessment may not rule in their favor. A few examples of tax breaks include discounts for veterans or the elderly, as well as owning properties in damaged areas. When these types of breaks are attached to a property, lowering property taxes may affect the taxable base of the property, causing it to dip below market value.

While challenges can be based on market value, which compiles the sale of comparable properties in the area, the accuracy of the local tax assessor may also be questioned. Generally, when a local assessment is made, certain information associated with a property is recorded, such as square footage, condition of the property or land, along with added features or amenities. If a property owner discovers that incorrect information has been noted, or that their property has been overvalued, it may benefit them to take action.

Given that local government policies and procedures are ambiguous, particularly when it comes to property taxes and assessments, it is best to seek trusted legal counsel if you sense the need to challenge or appeal. Doing so will help you decide whether to appeal or not to appeal, and how the process can benefit you.

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