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How to Handle a False Crime Charge

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It is beyond frustrating when you are falsely accused of a crime in which you were not involved. Unfortunately, there is also no assurance that the charges will be dropped or that you will not be found guilty.

False accusations are not uncommon and are a dreadful reality of life. Nevertheless, you must take urgent measures to safeguard your freedom if you are wrongfully accused of a crime.

What Should You Do First When Wrongly Charged with a Crime?

You are innocent but do not know what to do next or whether you have legal recourse. The first step is to find a criminal defense attorney with experience representing clients facing allegations similar to yours.

It is crucial to retain legal representation promptly, even if you are only a suspect. In addition, a legal representative can advise you on how to best defend yourself against the charges.

Take the Accusations Seriously

It would be best if you fully grasped the gravity of the offenses and the consequences you may face. Just because you are innocent does not mean the police, prosecution, judge or jury will agree with you. However, you can improve your chances of a positive outcome by treating the charges seriously, making decisions and taking actions that reflect that.

Recognize Defense Costs

It may cost a lot to mount a solid defense against the charges, with potential legal representation, investigation expenses and expert witness fees. Despite the reality that it may feel unfair to spend money defending yourself against false claims, you must do everything possible to construct a compelling case because your freedom is on the line.

Step In Before Charges are Filed

If you hire a lawyer as soon as you become suspicious of wrongdoing, he may be able to prevent you from ever being formally charged with a crime. Sometimes he or she can talk to the police or the prosecutor about your case and help them see they have the wrong person.

Do Nothing but Wait and Watch

In other cases, your lawyer may determine that doing nothing and waiting to see if the prosecutor collects enough evidence to file charges is the best course of action. No charges will be made against you if a witness changes his mind or scientific testing proves your innocence.
Collect Tangible and Documented Evidence

You should gather photographs, clothing or other items that can prove helpful in your case as quickly as possible and hand them over to your lawyer. Gather whatever relevant evidence you can think of, like emails, letters, receipts, GPS logs, etc.—all records that can help establish your whereabouts at the time of the incident.

Things NOT to Do

Certain behaviors could worsen your predicament. Avoid doing any of the following:

  • Destroying potentially damaging evidence
  • Contacting the victim or witnesses
  • Talking to the police, prosecutors or criminal investigators without an attorney
  • Consenting to a police-requested DNA or another test without counsel

If you face false criminal charges in Georgia, you can call Atlanta’s experienced criminal defense attorney, M. Qader A. Baig, at (770) 929-1665 or contact him online. Please schedule a consultation immediately so we can start working to clear your name and preserve your freedom.

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