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Four Hazards to Avoid When Driving Near Trucks


Trucks and other large vehicles are difficult to maneuver due to their size and weight. While truck drivers are expected to achieve higher standards of safety on our roads, other drivers should also give these behemoths space. If you are driving near a truck, there are several additional safety requirements that you should observe. By showing courtesy and consideration, motorists can avoid accidents that could result in serious injuries and fatalities.

Exits & Turns

One of the most common hazards truck drivers face involves getting cut off while exiting or turning. When other drivers enter the open space in front of a truck, the vehicle does not have ample time to slow down or stop. It is safer to slow down and take the exit behind a truck.

Passing a Truck

Smaller vehicles sometimes linger when passing a truck. This maneuver is dangerous, as it results in an obstacle if the truck driver needs to avoid a hazard. Passing on the left side of a truck allows the driver to benefit from greater visibility.


Tailgating a truck is extremely reckless, as the driver cannot see your vehicle. This principle applies to all vehicles due to stopping distance. If you are right behind a truck that breaks suddenly, a collision is practically unavoidable.

Truck Speed & Distance

Accurately timing the speed and distance of trucks at intersections is crucial. Accidents in this scenario are often the result of trucks appearing slower than the vehicles are actually traveling. Only cross an intersection when there is plenty of distance between your car and a truck, or wait until the larger vehicle has passed.

Truck Accidents

Drivers of cars and other smaller vehicles cannot afford to get into a collision with a truck. The risk of serious injuries and fatalities is higher in this type of accident. In many instances, truck accidents are avoidable when motorists drive carefully and give these larger vehicles time and space to maneuver.

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