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FAQs About Multiple DUI Arrests in Georgia

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Drivers who have been convicted of multiple DUIs in Georgia may have questions about the legal process, especially if they have already had their license suspended or faced jail time. Driving under the influence is a serious infraction, and understanding the laws, penalties and defense options is crucial.

Do the Penalties Get Worse?

Yes. With each DUI arrest, the severity of the possible penalties will increase. Typically, however, the consequences are higher with each arrest and can include fines, jail time and license suspension. How high those fines are and how long you spend in jail or lose your license is ultimately up to the court—having a DUI defense lawyer on your side may help when facing penalties for multiple arrests.

What is a DUI Lookback Period?

When determining how many DUI arrests you have had, the state of Georgia will go back ten years. This is considered the lookback period. If you had a DUI arrest nine years ago, that would count toward multiple DUIs. However, if you were arrested 11 years ago, that can no longer be used when considering penalties for a current conviction.

What is Implied Consent?

Implied consent assumes that you are under the influence if you refuse a sobriety test. Under this law, your license is automatically suspended for one to five years, depending on the number of DUI arrests you have had during the lookback period. Alcohol or drug rehab programs are available to reinstate your license, and fees may also apply.

Are Multiple DUIs a Felony?

DUI charges in Georgia are misdemeanors. However, a fourth arrest in the lookback period may be considered a felony and carry steep penalties. A single DUI could be elevated to a felony if the driver has caused serious injuries or death. In this case, hiring a criminal defense attorney with experience in DUI is essential.

If you are facing a second, third or even fourth DUI charge in the last ten years, contact M. Qader A. Baig & Associates to schedule a consultation. We can review your driving record to determine how to best represent your case.

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