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Charged With Vehicular Homicide?

Crashed cars after an accident

Considering the excessive weight of motor vehicles, the number of drivers on Georgia roads on any given day, not to mention the number of motor vehicle accidents, people are going to be killed as a result of a vehicle crash. Unfortunately, many of the reported motor vehicle collisions are a result of negligence or the driver’s failure to pay attention. In regards to vehicular homicide, which is the killing of an individual when a motor vehicle in involved, Georgia law holds drivers accountable for their actions. While circumstances surrounding the case will determine the extent of the driver’s penalties, it is imperative to consult an experienced attorney if you are charged with vehicular homicide.

Unlike other homicidal offenses, the charge of vehicular homicide does not depend on proving malice or premeditation. Thus, even the most upright citizen can face a wide range of serious criminal offenses. Perhaps the worst type of charge in regards to vehicular homicide is a first-degree felony offense. For example, suppose an individual is driving recklessly, is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or has failed to stop for a police officer. Because the driver’s actions are obviously negligent, the charge is greater. Yet, in many cases, such as the accidental killing of a motorist, passenger, pedestrian, or motorcyclist, drivers face a misdemeanor charge of second-degree vehicular homicide. In extreme cases, drivers may be labeled as a “habitual violator,” which involves multiple charges or a history of reckless driving that has resulted in homicide.

Because of the seriousness involving vehicular homicide and the loss of innocent life, even those with no criminal record are at risk for being considered a “convicted felon.” Understandably so, many become emotionally distressed in the aftermath of such tragedy. Without question, an experienced lawyer proves invaluable as drivers strive to reach a favorable outcome in their case.

With a strong defensive strategy against the serious penalties associated with homicide by vehicle, attorney M. Qader A. Baig carries more than 20 years of experience with criminal defense cases, and is especially equipped to defend individuals facing such charges. You can be sure—Attorney Baig will devote substantial time and energy to your case, with meticulous detail and sensitivity. Call M. Qader A. Baig & Associates, LLC today.

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