M'Jay Baruti
M. Qader A.Baig & Associates, is the State of the Art law firm. Their first and foremost concern is YOUR welfare. What a law firm should be about; in my opinion. With that said, there is nothing else left to say; because your first concern should be yourself as well. I highly recommend this law firm without any reservations for all your legal needs.
Dana Newman
I spoke with Mr. Qader, he was extremely helpful. He listened to my concerns and didn’t rush me with speaking. I had experiences with other attorneys that wouldn’t listen to a complete sentence and interrupt because they were pressed for time. He was patient and shown concerned. Mr. Qader didn’t make me feel like I was just another client. Thank you.
Blake Summers
By far the best defense attorney in Conyers. Mr. Baig and the staff were very helpful with me getting through my rough times dealing with the court system. Mr. Baig is a man of his word and his work shows it all. He got my case dismissed! This was a big turning point for me. Staff was very professional and they always keep you updated. Great team! I highly recommend Mr. Baig to anybody that has any type of legal issue with the court system.
Latron Smith
Outstanding attorney and staff!!! Highly recommend!!
Lisa Cowan
M. Qader A. Baig & Associates is the best law firm by far that will not only listen intensely to your issues and concerns but will also give the utmost attention to your specific need(s). Attorney M. Qader A. Baig is a very kind and caring person who treats everyone who enters his office with respect and professionalism and his office staff and associates follow his example. I have found that he is well respected in the court room and among his peers. Thank you M. Qader A. Baig & Associates for being such a huge blessing to me and my family.
LaShun Tarver
I was very grateful for the professional services of Attorney Baig and his staff. One of the attributes that I appreciated the most about the firm was the consistent attentiveness given to me as a client. Attorney Baig gives undivided attention, when speaking with you. He really gets to know his clients. Once again, his support staff is amazing. I would definitely recommend M. Qader A. Baig & Associates LLC for your legal needs, as I will be using them again.
Yolande Dawson
Attorney M. Qader Baig & Associates is far more than an attorney's office and law firm. He is the best in regards to being a people person. When his firm represents you, he becomes a part of the family. He really understands the dynamics of your legal situation and he puts his "WHOLE" heart in to get to the best legal decision for his client. If you are ever in need of "SOLID" legal advice and need guidance in your legal situation, he is far more the best in town. I highly recommend anyone to call Attorney Baig & Associates and I personally "approve this message".
Andrea Pullen
Thank you so much for all of your help. Not only were you my attorney, but you treated me like family. You an Lorraine are very nice, humble, kind, and patient people. Your spirits are pleasant, and I am glad that my dad found you. I am forever grateful to you for working hard on both of my cases and fighting for me. Thank you for believing in me and trusting me to do the right thing. Thank you for your encouraging words and for making me feel honored to have you represent me. My family and I appreciate you so much. You gave me hope. I thank God for leading us to you. He was merciful. Thank you again!
Nicole Duncan
Honestly, I don't know what I would do without MQAB Law & Associates. They are truly a team of loving, knowledgable and professional people. They are very thorough and will make sure that you have all of the facts and options in front of you. Their guidance has helped me both personally and professionally. I trust this firm with all matters because they do the research and they truly want the best for you.
Andrew Huggins
I've used M. Qader A. Baig & Associates for both personal and business related issues. Mr. Baig and his team are thorough and responsive. I know I'm getting straight answers and realistic expectations when reviewing issues with Mr. Baig. Every person or business wants a lawyer who will fight for them just as hard as they would fight for themselves - M. Qader A. Baig & Associates is that law firm.
Shanelle Griggs
This is an awesome group of intelligent helpful people. You won't find a better team.
The most professional firm that I have ever come across in my 62 years. Staff was exceptional in every aspect.
Miracles Happen, I'm one of them! Thanks to Qader Baig
Qader Baig makes miracles happen. I met with several different lawyers before I found Qader. I had never had a criminal record. I am a college graduate. But because of my charges, they all told me the same thing; I was looking at 5 to 15 years minimum. Along with $30,000 cash just to retain them (and that didn't include what it cost to actually go to trial). I was also not from the state of GA so many of them refused to even hear my case. I was devastated. My biggest concern was I have 4 children between the ages of 3 and 12. I have family that would've taken care of them, but children need their mother. A close friend of mine saw Qader's name on this website, AVVO. My first court date was in 8 days and I thought my life was about to completely shatter. It was around 9 pm when my friend made the call to Qader's office that night. Qader actually answered himself. He told us he was a family man, and he understood how much children need their mother. He didn't tell me I wouldn't go to jail, but he gave me hope and he ginuinely listened to my story of how this ONE really bad choice in my life would negatively effect my children most of all. He told me to come meet with him the next day as soon as I could get there. It was a 4 hour drive. I got there about 10 am. He already had my paperwork from the court and was ready to go over my case as soon as I arrived. He told me to have friends and family write statements as to why I shouldn't go to jail. I had to take monthly drug screening exams. He wanted family photos. He wanted me to do 20 hours of community service weekly. Judge Irwin and Judge Mumford are the only superior court judges in Conyers and they are extremely tough on drug charges. It took about a year and 9 months to finally get a plea without jail time. Qader convinced Judge Irwin that i was no threat to society and my children derserved to have their mother at home with them. He gave me 30 years probation and fined me $10,000. I couldn't believe my ears, but I kept it together until I walked out of the court room. Huge tears rolled down my face the second I walked out the door. Qader was right beside me, just as he was throughout the past 2 years. I couldn't thank him enough. The first thing he told me was to call my children and tell them I was coming home to stay. Qader Baig blessed me more than words could ever say. He said, "Miracles do happen, and you are one of them". To this day he still calls to check on me. He asks about my children, each of them by name. He was my saving grace, my angel from above, and found real justice in my case. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Qader Baig to anyone seeking a criminal defense lawyer or family lawyer. He is a great man and can make MIRACLES HAPPEN!!!!!
Great Lawyer & Team :)
M. Qader A. Baig & Associates are professional as they come! I highly recommend him for anything or situation you may have going on. I truly thank him & his associates for all that they did for me. THANK YOU AGAIN.
Academy instructor
Enjoyed the instruction. And appreciated you taking the time to spend with us.
Weigh your options
I interviewed several attorneys before making a decision on someone I felt would represent me the best. In my opinion Mr Baig and his staff did a great job. I can now breathe easier and move on with my life without some BS haunting me.
Hardest Phone Call I've Ever Had to Make
Mr. Baig and his team helped us through one of the most difficult times in our lives. We had never been in a situation to need legal representation before. Mr. Baig and his staff were professional and knowledgeable, while providing guidance with compassion and support. They explained each step of the process ahead of us and provided updates as they were received. They assured us they were available to us at any time. I appreciate all they did for us and highly recommend this firm.
Responsive and Reliable
I will happily and wholeheartedly sing the praises of this law firm and it's lawyer Mr. Baig. My husband was changed with a DUI and based on what we where told by other lawyers ,whose counsel we sought prior to coming to M. Qader A. Baig, the situation seemed dire. We thought he would lose his business and our family's primary income would be greatly damaged. Mr. Baig never allowed us to give up hope of beating this charge. He and his team worked with us no matter when we called with questions or concerns. We felt that he genuinely cared about our family's well-being and not just in it for a buck. Needless to say the charges were greatly reduced to the point that it did not affect my husband's driving record at all. I wish Mr. Baig and his firm continued success with the knowledge that he will give 200% of his time and efforts to get you the best outcome possible.
Excellent Work by Mr. Baig and his Firm
Mr. Qader Baig and his law firm in Conyers have assisted me in a number of legal matters - always with both professionalism and expertise. He excels in both domestic matters and local government work. I would recommend him to anyone needing help in one of his practice areas.
I recently found myself in need of an attorney and I did not know anything about the process of utilizing an attorney in relation to legal representation. So being a person who does their homework before going forward I ask many local individuals about Qadar's reputation as well as ability to satisfactory support me within my case and all I heard was "He is a individual that will put his heart and soul into your case as if it was his own"! Well now that I have personally picked Qadar as my attorney and he and his staff have represented me I can put my 100% Seal of Approval to anybody looking for a "Hard Working Team" you have found the right one!
Old School Practice
I have been seeking legal guidance from Mr. Baig for more than 10 years and have always found the work he does as being top notch. His staff is always very cordial and it reminds me of the way things were done in the past when everybody was somebody. Mr. Baig and his staff are very quick to inform you if they are unsure of an answer and will seek out the correct answer/information and reply to you in a prompt manner. Like the title says, this is a very professional firm that treats everybody like they are somebody.
I cannot recommend Mr. Baig more highly
For several years, Mr. Baig has supported me during an on going battle with an ex-spouse. Every time I have needed him, he has responded immediately with sound legal advice. Throughout the years, his loyalty and dedication to my case has never wavered. In my experience, most attorneys do their work and send out their bill(s). Mr. Baig goes above and beyond for his clients. He actually cares for them and is a true advocate. I cannot imagine going through this without him. I cannot recommend him more highly.
Professional and personal
Over the last seventeen years, I have been afforded the opportunity to work both professionally and personally with the office of M. Qader A. Baig and Associates. The level of knowledge and personal attention given to the matter at hand exceeds expectations. The expertise extends to the entire staff which creates a pleasant atmosphere. Offered with their services is a courteous demeanor which is free of charge. Whether it's a criminal or civil matter you seek advice on, M. Qader A. Baig and Associates will assist to provide a confident resolution.
My atty. in a criminal proceeding
I would like to take this opportunity to fully endorse M. Qader A. Baig, attorney at law. In 2012 I found myself, through extraordinary circumstances and faulty judgment on my own behalf, to be charged in a criminal proceeding. It was very serious and since I had never been in any kind of legal trouble, I had no clue how to proceed. My life was in the balance. Somehow my wife was put in touch with Mr. Baig, and from the very beginning of what turned out to be the most trying experience of my life, he gave me the hope that in the end everything would come out all right. Through his experience and knowledge of the law, and his personal commitment to me as his client, I was able to get an order from the court of nolle prosequi. To summarize, I would say Mr. Baig knows the ins and outs of the legal system. If you are in need of an attorney who will get results, then put your trust in him.
Above and Beyond
Attorney Baig goes Above and Beyond to assist his client in the best possible outcome. He is our corporate lawyer and is a valuable asset to our company. Our company has the utmost respect for this man and his team.
Highly Recommended...
I cannot say enough about how pleased I was with Mr. Baig's services as my attorney. He listened, walked me through the entire process explaining my options, planned a specific strategy based on the particulars of my case, and delivered everything he committed to do. In addition to thorough and highly effective representation, he also provided compassion and peace of mind during one of the most difficult times of my life. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of the type of legal services he provides.
Attorney Baig is an excellent defense attorney!
Attorney Baig was successful in representing my family with what could have been a long term and damaging criminal issue. He took his time and used his years of experience to our benefit! He and his team communicated frequently (responding quickly to emails or phone calls), keeping us in the loop at all times! I would suggest this firm to anyone needing defense representation, especially in the Rockdale or surrounding areas.
Mr. Baig's knowledge and passionate approach is outstanding to say the least.
During a tremendously difficult time that I faced, Mr. Baig went above and beyond his requirement as my representation. I am still amazed at his down to earth approach and sincere concern for his client! Without regard I highly recommend Mr. Baig to everyone as his skills and sincere approach is very difficult to find in our legal system today!
Detailed Attorney Services
Grateful for the professional services of Attorney Baig and his staff. One of the attributes that I appreciated the most about the firm was the consistent attentiveness given to us as clients. I would definitely recommend M. Qader A. Baig & Associates LLC for your legal needs, as I will be using them again.