Walton County DUI Defense Lawyer

Have you recently been charged with a DUI in Walton County? You have a legal right to challenge the evidence against you. With the help of an experienced and skilled DUI Defense Lawyer, your charges can be reduced or dismissed altogether. A DUI conviction is a serious matter and one that can impact your future driving privileges, career and reputation. The state of Georgia can even penalize first time DUI offenders with jail time.

With Attorney M. Qader A. Baig on your side, you will have every opportunity to obtain the best possible outcome in your DUI defense case. He carries years of experience in all types of DUI and traffic cases. Attorney Baig has been on both the prosecution and defense side of the courtroom, which makes him an invaluable asset to your case. You can trust that we know and understand the current DUI laws as well as which investigative tactics to use in order to expose any violation of your rights during your DUI arrest.

We Build A Strong Case to Defend Drunk Driving Claims

When it comes to drunk driving claims, we work relentlessly to defend each chain of facts of the prosecution's attack. Attorney Baig's past experience and thorough understanding of procedure and laws surrounding DUI cases in Georgia means that he will present a strong case on your behalf.

We also help you with any licensing issues and administrative hearings associated with your DUI charge. We understand how to assert your rights in order to protect your driving privileges after an arrest, and we can help you obtain a license reinstatement so that you can drive to school or work.

According to Georgia's strict ten-day rule following a DUI charge, the government may suspend your driver's license if you do not appeal the suspension within ten business days from the date of your arrest. At M. Qader A. Baig & Associates, LLC, we do not want the concerns of legal fees to keep you from acting promptly in your legal defense. Our firm implements a tiered-free system that never charges you for services not provided. We charge a retainer fee that accurately reflects the legal service you need to protect your rights through legal counsel in your specific DUI defense case.

We dedicate ourselves to seeking the best possible outcome in your Walton County DUI case. In doing so, we are available after traditional business hours to ensure you are well informed and educated on your charges, the law and the specific defense strategy we've designed for your case. Contact us today so that we can start building your case against your Walton County DUI claim. Attorney Baig is an experienced lawyer you can trust to be your advocate at every turn.

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