Morgan County Criminal Defense Attorney

Obtaining legal representation is vital whenever anyone is charged with a criminal offense, and it is fundamental that this representation be obtained as quickly as possible. M. Qader A. Baig & Associates, LLC, Attorneys and Counselors at Law are here to serve Morgan County with the strongest defense opportunities in your case. Quick, careful investigation of evidence brought against you is vital is helping you obtain favorable results when facing criminal charges. Our attorneys are here to help you present your case in court or in negotiations with prosecutors. Many cases have a very limited time for a request to appeal a decision, so it is important to understand the necessary actions and time constraints necessary to fight for your rights. We will review the evidence against you in order to provide the the strongest defense in your favor.

Madison Criminal Lawyer

Here in Madison, Georgia, M. Qader A. Baig & Associates, LLC, Attorneys and Counselors at Law is the firm to turn to when facing criminal charges. We carefully build the best legal strategy by evaluating the facts of your case, and will defend you against the charges brought against you. Evading a conviction is pivotal to your future. Sentences such as jail or prison time, fines that must be paid, mandatory community service, and mandatory counseling will remain on your criminal record and cause grim consequences on your future opportunities in life. At M. Qader A. Baig & Associates, LLC, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, we will help to determine what the best method of representation is for your case. In some cases, you may be best served to enter a plea bargain, in other cases a dismissal may be able to be acquired if we find that evidence against you is weak or was obtained illegally. If, and when, it is needed, we can aggressively prepare your case for trial and seek an acquittal of all charges.

It is imperative that you take immediate action to fight any criminal charges that have been brought against you. M. Qader A. Baig & Associates, LLC, Attorneys and Counselors at Law is the firm to trust for what your future holds.

Contact our firm right away when facing criminal charges.


M. Qader A. Baig & Associates, LLC


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Anthony Williams

M. Qader A. Baig & Associates are professional as they come!. They are the prime definition of expertise and take southern pride into carrying that statement into the final factor of your situation. When you accept there offer of guidance.. you have also accepted the result equaling to a piece of mind!

Timothy Kletzel

Attorney M. Qader A. Baig and the group he surrounds himself with is unmatched in Georgia. His years of experience are easily witnessed with how he handles himself in and out of the office. He is kind and genuine and a lion in the courtroom. If you need the best, no need to look further. His staff is just as amazing as he is.

Dana Newman

I spoke with Mr. Qader, he was extremely helpful. He listened to my concerns and didn’t rush me with speaking. I had experiences with other attorneys that wouldn’t listen to a complete sentence and interrupt because they were pressed for time. He was patient and shown concerned. Mr. Qader didn’t make me feel like I was just another client. Thank you.

Patrick Mcgaughy

Mr. Baig and his team helped me in a very hard time in my life. They always answered my questions in a timely manner and did all they could to help me. Great attorney.

Gary Davis

M. Qader A. Baig & Associates have helped me on several occasions. They have always been professional and willing to answer any of my questions. I highly recommend this law firm.

David Hamrick

M. Qader Baig & Associates did a great job meeting my needs and I highly recommend Qader and his team to anyone looking for legal advice or representation. A first class experience.

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